About IBV

Established in 1995 in Dubai, IBV stands for Innovation, Balance and Virtue.


Over the years IBV became a pioneer in offering innovative sustainable energy and eco-friendly solutions for the private, commercial and industrial sectors across the UAE and in the Gulf region.


We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installation of cost-effective solutions to our clients while preserving the environment and the natural resources by reducing water and energy consumption. Our ever-expanding product range includes water heating and cooling solutions, innovative smart water-saving systems, drinking water from the air and solar solutions.


Our highly-trained and professional team of engineers and technicians are committed to develop and source the best eco-friendly products with the use of renewable energy technology and nanotechnology.

Our Values



We are committed to developing innovative ideas and products to bring about positive change in our lives and for future generations.



We believe in creating a balance between technology and nature. Our smart technologies are helping to protect nature by reducing wastage of natural resources.



We are dedicated to preserve natural resources and contribute to saving the environment. Our sustainable and eco-friendly products use renewable energy technology and nanotechnology that is beneficial for our clients and the world.

Our Vision

To become leaders for sustainable solutions, focusing on innovative energy-saving technologies to improve life quality, while maintaining the balance between technology and natural resources.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable energy and eco-friendly solutions, to reduce operating costs, water and energy consumption. Throughout the client journey, we are committed to offering premium service and support. From the initial request to the final installation, our attention to detail and excellent customer service makes sure to exceed our clients’ expectations.