Atmospheric Water Generator – Air-To-Water Technology

An atmospheric water generator, replicating the natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions.

Product Outline

  • Atmospheric Water Generator for Drinking and Irrigation
  • Production: 100 – 1000 litres per day*
  • Water quality: The atmospheric water generators are equipped with an antimicrobial air filter to remove impurities from the air. The water is further purified in the later stages of the process with Ozone.
  • Storage capacity: 50-175 litres reservoir**
  • Power: The Akvo’s 1000l/day model runs on approximately 7 -10 kilowatts per hour. It operates on 50hz or 60hz and either 208 – 240V (single-phase) or 380 – 440V (3-phase). This power can be supplied directly from the grid or either from a generator and PV for portability.
  • Dispenser: Build-in water dispenser, can be connected to the external dispenser.
  • IoT enabled device
  • Warranty: 1-year standard warranty. Extended warranty available.
  • Maintenance package available

* Models available 36K = 100l/day; 55K = 150l/day; 110K = 300l/day; 180K = 500l/day; 365K = 1000l/day

** Model 36K = 50l; 55K = 70l; 110K = 100l; 180K = 125l; 365K = 175l

Mother and Daughter Water Generator
Elderly Man Water Generator
Woman Drinking Water
Young Woman Beneath Veranda
Woman Glass Drinking Water

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