Mybarid® Heat Pump

Widely accepted as the most economical and effective method of heating and cooling, reducing the energy consumption for heating and cooling by 50%. Unlike electric flow heaters and boilers that can only provide heating, Mybarid heat pumps automatically heat or cool down the water without the need for additional equipment.

Product Outline

  • Originated from leading UK technology
  • It has top quality components and accessories from the United States and Europe
  • Highly reputed market reference (UAE)
  • Durable design
  • Quick maintenance response
  • Flexible heating design and can be customized based on application
  • Pioneer in domestic heaters in the UAE
  • Large range capacity – availability from 2.5 tons to 50 tons
  • Service and Maintenance from our dedicated highly skilled technical team
  • Quick maintenance response
  • Additional feature available: Solar pre-heating technology, to reduce power consumption.
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on the Compressor, 1 year warranty on the entire system. Extended warranty available
Heat Pump - Royal Palace
Heat Pump Royal Palace
Heat Pump in Royal Palace
Royal Palace - Heat Pump
Heat Pump - Royal Palace

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