Radiant Cooling

Unlike the conventional air-conditioning, the radiant air cooling is noiseless, hygienic, and has lower consumption of power, ensuring an energy-saving and pleasant indoor temperature. It costs less to install than the conventional HVAC, doesn’t require any maintenance and is using 30-40% less energy. Radiant cooling is also used as a design strategy in some net zero energy buildings.

Product Outline

  • Higher operating efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Higher degree of operational safety, individually controllable with very short response times
  • Self-ventilating with flexible design, requires minimum space and it is easily upgradeable
  • Product life 50 years+, blockage-free, very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Noticeably lower environmental impact, 100% free of toxics, 100% recyclable, no adverse health effects/risks
  • Warranty: 10 years for cooling coil. Extended warranty available
Radiant Cooling
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Radiant Colling Domesting Water Tanks Cooling
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