SOURCE™ is an innovative technology, developed to sustainably make high-quality water an unlimited resource to every person, every where.

SOURCE™ tackles the problem of water quality and water access by providing safe, delicious drinking water right to people’s taps, regardless of where they are in the world. SOURCE™ are beautifully designed, self-contained, elegant Hydropanels that use two entirely renewable resources to produce water: air and sunlight. The Hydropanels may look like a solar panel, but their purpose is to make water from the air.

Entirely off-grid, SOURCE™ uses sunlight to tap into a new, truly renewable water source – the air around us. By extracting water vapor from the air, SOURCE™ produces and delivers pure drinking water right to your tap. SOURCE™ provides an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled and filtered water, with the help of an innovative technology that allows it to function independent of additional electric or water supplies.

The independence from existing infrastructure ensures that we can keep our promise to tackle the problem of water scarcity and access to it in remote communities, or communities with non-existent or ageing infrastructure. Urban and remote locations, individual households and communities can all equally benefit from the sustainable water independence and enjoy delicious and healthy drinking water.

To make sure the water is consistently up to standard, the quality and production is closely monitored from the Network Operations Centre, with all the information made available on your user app.


Renewable Water

SOURCE™ is completely off grid and uses only renewable resources to produce water with zero carbon footprint

High-quality water

SOURCE adsorbs only pure water molecules from air without any pollutants, so the water begins as pure H2O

Supreme Taste

Enhanced with Magnesium and Calcium, the water is not only safe to drink, it’s delicious!

Low Humidity? No Problem

SOURCE produces water in various climates and locations, even below 10% relative humidity

Quality Monitoring

Rest easy with water quality that’s monitored and maintained in real-time

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Scale To Any Need

Modular by design, SOURCE arrays can scale-up to meet any drinking water demand

How Hydropanels Work

SOURCE™ produces water using just air and sunlight with a few simple steps:

  • The Hydropanel adsorbs water vapor via a hygroscopic material to ensure its purity.
  • Through a condensation process, pure water is desorbed into an air-tight system.
  • The pure, liquid water is passed into a reservoir for mineralisation.
  • Finally, the water is passed through a flavour polishing cartridge, and dispensed at your tap.

This ground-breaking technology is independent of existing infrastructure so communities everywhere can benefit from drinking delicious, high-quality water. Using just air and sunlight SOURCE sustainably produces water in a wide range of environmental conditions.

What makes unique

With the UAE being the most affected region in the world by water scarcity, introducing cutting-edge technology like SOURCE™ becomes vital.  SOURCE™ tackles the water scarcity issues of the region, by efficiently and sustainably using resources available everywhere - sunlight and air. With a system powered only by solar energy, SOURCE™ can run independent of additional sources of energy, thus reducing the heavy consumption of electric energy other technologies rely on to produce water, to zero. SOURCE ™’s self-sustaining system also allows it to easily function in remote locations with non-existent or worn-out infrastructure, and bring local, high-quality water to consumers.

By pulling only water vapour from the air, SOURCE™ ensures that the water is already in its purest form, thus eliminating the high cost of additional filters. The additional mineralisation helps refine the taste and deliver premium water right to your tap.

Unlike other air to water technologies, is :

  • Powered only by solar energy and entirely off-grid
  • Produces water with zero carbon footprint
  • SOURCE produces water even below 10% relative humidity
  • Source water is safe from the start and made better with minerals
  • So pure and clean that no additional expensive filters are required
  • Low cost maintenance
  • A product with a 15-year life cycle

User App

The internet-connected sensor in the Hydropanels ensures that the water is perfect and safe to drink, while the data from the system is sent back to the Main Network Operating Centre. This allows SOURCE integrated systems to automatically optimize water quality and communicate with the SOURCE smartphone app.

  • Track your water production and reservoir level
  • Monitor your water quality and get alerted if there’s a change
  • Get notified when it’s time to service your Hydropanels
  • Quite mode feature allows you to minimize water production

High-quality drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle and SOURCE™ delivers it straight to your tap

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Sustainable Impact in the UAE

With freshwater availability expected to drop by more than 40% by 2030, UAE is the most water scarce region in the world, according to Middle East Institute. The scarcity of groundwater reserves, high salinity levels in existing groundwater, the high cost of producing drinking water through desalination and limited re-use of water are only a few of the problems mentioned by export.gov when it comes to the region. Adding to the existing pressure, water demand is constantly growing, thus challenging the existing infrastructure even further. This has determined the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency to make the conservation of groundwater resources one of their top priorities, and the Energy Minister to declare water shortages a “huge concern”. (Read more The National UAE.)

The prospect of running out of one of the main sources of life is daunting, but SOURCE™ brings about a new technology aiming to tackle this problem and make high-quality drinking water an unlimited resource for people everywhere.

SOURCE™ takes pride in leading the way towards a future in which high-quality, delicious water can be provided to people regardless of where they live, across all types of communities and climates.  The SOURCE™ Hydropanel can be installed in a wide range of environmental conditions, so people everywhere have access to the healthy water they need. The Hydropanel adsorbs water vapor from the air, and using the heat generated from solar thermal turns the water vapor into liquid water through a condensation process. The special materials in SOURCE™ ensures that only water molecules are attracted from the air, so that the final product is pure. The liquid is further mineralised with magnesium and calcium into the integrated reservoir. The result is delicious, healthy drinking water straight to your tap.

The quality of the water is only one of the many advantages SOURCE™ brings to communities. The cutting-edge technology used, makes for a completely independent, reliable water source that can serve the needs of communities from both urban and remote locations. SOURCE™ makes it possible for people living in places with ageing or non-existent infrastructure, or unfavourable environmental conditions to have access to a healthy, renewable source of drinking water, thus solving one of the biggest issues in today’s world.

SOURCE’s mission is to sustainably produce high-quality drinking water for everybody, everywhere. At IBV, we are committed to improving the quality of life in the UAE and the region, by finding a perfect balance between technology and natural resources. To this end, we are introducing SOURCE™ as both a healthier option and a sustainable alternative to desalinated and bottled water.

We believe the technology offers a much-needed solution to the challenges of the region.