TilliCa – Nanotechnology Thermal Insulator

Extraordinary Nanotechnology Thermal Insulator, composed of Aerogel, amorphous silicon and slicked lime which is the best existing thermal insulator ever known and used in the NASA aerospace industry. TilliCa is 100% natural, 100% recyclable and VOC free. Certified A1 fireproof and does not release any toxic fumes even when it is in contact with flames.

Product Outline

  • Nanotechnology, highly insulating and eco-compatible product
  • Aerogel component is a new approach of insulation, which exploits the reflectance in addition to the transmittance to be able to obtain an optimum indoor climate, the walls are effectively insulated and continue to act as a thermal hydric balance. 
  • Natural – TilliCa is manufactured with selected natural raw material, no health impact on the workers or the environment
  • Fireproof – The product is certified A1 fireproof
  • Does not release any toxic fumes, free from gas and V.O.C
  • High thermal insulation and thermal reflecting product
  • Safe, Strong and Crush Resistant
  • Creates a single body with plaster when applied on the wall
  • Hydrophobic and Breathable
  • Keeps the buildings in thermal and water balance
  • Easy to apply even on small and hard to reach surfaces
  • Applied in very low thickness (2 to 5mm) to achieve high efficiency
  • Easy to transport and to store
  • Warranty: 5-year standard warranty
TilliCa Application
TilliCa Thermal Insulation Paste
TilliCa Thermal Insulation
Aerogel Heat Resistant

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